My name is Lauren Wenner and I have been interning with Saint Nicholas Federal Credit Union (SNFCU) on South Washington Street in Wilkes-Barre since October of 2012. Not until January of 2014 did I apply this internship to my transcript in the form of credits, but up until this point, I have had both exciting and frustrating journeys.

SNFCU is part of the Saint Nicholas, Saint Mary and Saint Andrew parishes, as well as available to students, faculty and staff of Saint Nicholas – Saint Mary’s School on South Washington Street. They provide many services, such as savings accounts and loan opportunities, through the credit union and have kept many active accounts through the years.

When I started in this position about 1.5 years ago, I spent my time working towards the program goal of gaining membership of as many school students as possible. A grant was bestowed on the credit union that gives funding towards the payment of many new products and promotions that we use to keep the children interested, such as comic books and prizes for depositing money into their accounts, meeting their goals, and answering questions based on the comic books they receive.

The week of February 24th through 28th, I took the time to give financial literacy presentations to 10 classroom in the SNSM School, specifically to those in 4th through 8th grades. The students have thoroughly enjoyed the time that I took to be there with them, and in the short amount of time since those presentations, we have gained an additional four students and many interested students into our database!
Every Friday afternoon, from 11:00 AM till 12:30 PM, I sit in the cafeteria for the students to receive any information they may need or have the opportunity to deposit money into their accounts.

Needless to say, it has been an honor to spend my time helping the credit union  become more youth-friendly in their selected group of membership. In the next six weeks, and several more beyond my internship’s end, I intend to see the growth of this program continue and be able to better serve the next intern from King’s College, as I will be graduating in May of 2014.


Hey, everyone!

It’s been a while, I know, but I’ve been busy wrapping a few things up. As I mentioned in my last post, we presented our projects in King of Prussia, which went very well. It was a great opportunity for us to meet the eBay executives that were in the area, as well as to experience a different office dynamic. Their office was a lot different than ours, so I’m really happy that we were able to go there. However, we didn’t get to the baseball game. It was a long day for us, and the weather was bad, so we decided to go home for some much needed rest.

It’s been such a great summer at eBay Enterprise (PepperJam). I’ve met a lot of people, learned more about marketing than I thought I would be able to in just a few months, and made a lot of friends. I’ve been asked to remain an intern there next semester, which I am really excited about. They have even asked me to train two other people to do what I have been doing all summer, which is great! Going into this, I never thought that I would be training others, especially because I started out knowing practically nothing. This internship has really helped me grow, and I’m so happy that I had the chance to share it with you all!

Even though this is my last post, it’s not over for me. I have another presentation on Tuesday (to our entire office), more training, I’m sure, and more learning. I will be moving on with my project through next semester, seeing that it does what it was meant to do.

Thanks, everyone, for reading! I wish you all the best of luck in everything that you do! And enjoy the last few weeks of your summer.

‘Till next time,

Kayleigh 🙂

So, this is it…

Guys! I think this is it.

This is the last week. I’m done as of today. My 180 hours are in, my internship is over. I’m deeply saddened but I know I’ll be back not only because I work here but because I’m attached to so many great projects.

Girls Night Out is going to be a huge success. I have some designs already floating around. Some colors and a draft I have of what we want…ImageWe want to base everything off those colors and that cursive looking writing :-). So, here’s to hoping!

Friends Helping Friends and Business to Business have been two promotions I’ve grown exceptionally close too. I’ve made friends and contacts in having to deal with certain businesses. I’ve enjoyed every call, I’ve had to make, every label I’ve had to redo and every business who picked up their tickets at the office. 

I’m going to Woodbridge to meet Esta, Kim K. and Mr. Boscov, but not in a public relations fashion, I’m going because the store is sending me as a coworker.

The Labor Day party in Downtown Wilkes-Barre is going to be so much fun! You guys so totally check it out :

I’d also thought I’d give you a glimpse into my home away from home these past few weeks:

 ImageImageImageI’m oddly enough going to miss this office! I’ve had a boatload of fun with it!


Thank you for putting up with me this summer. I hope you enjoyed my stories as much as I enjoyed telling them!







Hey, everyone,

It has been a busy week. As per usual. 🙂

One of the biggest tasks this week was communicating or re-branding to eBay Enterprise to our clients. All week long I heard people on calls with clients talking about it and noticed that they almost always started with “As you may have noticed, the signature on my email to you has changed,” and then ask if they had any questions about the re-branding.

Something that I have had to deal with first hand has been answering the phones. For the next few weeks we have to say “Thank you for calling eBay Enterprise, formerly PepperJam, this is ____, how can I help you?” which has been interesting. Not many people have been asking questions when they call, but I have received one, so answering this way has been a great way to get the re-branding out there.

Overall there has been a great atmosphere in the office concerning the re-branding. No one seems stressed or worried about anything. We actually had an executive come in to visit this week to talk with us about the re-branding and to answer any questions or address any concerns that we had. It’s been really interesting to be able to experience the change that this company has gone through, and it was really great to have been able to have meet him and hear what he had to say about the company.

This week is going to be busy. Again. Us interns are going to the offices in Phili to present our summer projects. Then, when all is said and done that day, we get to go to a Phillies game! So I’ll probably post some pictures from that next week.

‘Till next time,



Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time! It’s been hectic at the internship AND I took a vacation. I know, I know, as Irene always said “there’s no vacationing when your an intern.” And actually, I didn’t get a solid vacation week. 

I took my computer down to the shore, and did some work for Irene there. I was able to access some materials so I e-mailed and called people while sitting on the dock of the bay. I’ve quickly come to realize that public relations is a 24/7/365 type of job. Which I am okay with! 

We’ve scrapped Woodbridge and added Girls Night Out. So while I’m going to Woodbridge for work, I’m not going for my internship. Irene wants me to focus on Girls Night Out instead – it’s going to be held during Campus to Courses in October. We’re going to have family-friendly soups, make overs, cosmetic tips, new fun fall fashions and other fun girl things! I’m in charge of talking to the print shop and getting things to the right dimensions and colors we want. All of Irene’s stores are going to hold it. It’s being based off Granite Run’s Girls Night Out. Let’s hope we get the same business as theirs.

Last week, we did a sweep of the stores (Scranton, Hazelton, Pottsville) to see everyone and see how they’re doing. I really like Steve in Scranton. He’s the store manager; he’s been there for like 20 years or so. He runs a tight ship, but he gets along with almost everyone! He gave Irene and I valuable insight into his store and their figures the night that we’re planning Girls Night Out. It’s definitely different than the main store that I’m at.


Okay, enough of me rambling! 

Oh, before I leave just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son!!!

More soon!


-Melanie xx


Hi, everyone!

I had such a great week this week! I just got back from California about 5 hours ago, and it was great!

We missed the entire first day of the conference because our flight out of Avoca was delayed (the crew needed sleep), but Thursday was the really great day.

We got to see the CEO of eBay, John Donahoe, speak and he was really inspiring. His values and love for the company really came across in his speech, which was wonderful. Also, he very relaxed with us. He walked through the crowd throughout his Q&A session, took pictures with some interns, and even talked about how he loves sports. It was definitely my favorite part of the conference.


That’s a picture of him.

I really learned a lot about the company through this conference, but I also learned that there is still a whole lot to learn. And I love that. I’m hoping to continue within the company and go on to be a part of their recent college graduates program, which involves a two week training. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, and what I’ve have the opportunity to experience so far has been wonderful. I couldn’t imagine not wanting to stay with this company!

So, in a little under a week I go to King of Prussia to present my project, which I’m really excited about. I’ll be preparing for that a lot this week, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing some of that from me.

‘Til next time!


The Company Picnic

Hi, everyone!

I did much of the same work this week, but was able to experience more of the Human Resources department, which I really enjoyed.

This past Friday was the company picnic, which was so much fun! In preparation, I ordered these cupcakes (The 14 is for how old PepperJam is):



I also took part in purchasing the decorations, as well as decorating the pond. Here’s a look at my favorite section:


I really did enjoy helping to organize the picnic. Everyone had a great time, and it was just so awesome to have played a part in that.

In the days before the picnic I was extremely busy and had to tell a few people that I couldn’t take on a project that they needed help with. I was doing reports, applications, quarterly reports, and shopping (I know..I was shopping on the job. It felt SO weird).

Well, I can promise that I’ll have a lot more to say in my next post! 🙂

‘Till then,



There just isn’t enough time in the day…

Hey, everyone!

A lot has been going on since I last blogged. I’ve been doing the usual reporting, sorting theough applications and building out accounts, but there have been a few different tasks the past week. I want to focus on the volunteer project that we had to do as part of the eBay University project. We had to assemble 50 hygiene care bags for people who are homeless because of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado, or because they have lost their job. This was amazing to have participated in, and it really shows the company’s values. It was just a really great feeling to know that we were going to help so many people. Even on a larger scale, the amount of people that all 500 eBay interns will have helped from this project is astonishing to me.

Here’s a picture. If you’d like to know more about the organization just click on the picture:

PJX World Vision Project

I also participated in Bernie’s Run, where a few of us from PepperJam signed up as a team. It was really a great experience to have been able to be a part of it and cheer on our co-workers. And boy, what a workout!

I participated in a lot of the preparation for the upcoming company picnic. I organized gifts that all employees will receive and helped with shopping for decoration and game materials. It was a great experience to get to see some of what the HR department would usually do.

Simply put, I love this internship.

‘Till next time!

-Kayleigh 🙂

Woah, Where’d the Time Go?

Hey guys! Sorry I’m reeeeeeally late at this entry! I didn’t mean for it to be two days late. But I got so caught up in stuff at work dealing with vacations that this got pushed back.


But I’m here now!

Last week was crazy! I’m officially half way done with my internship (what?)

Anyway, 5 weeks until Woodbridge! Can’t wait, I think I should start packing now considering I suck at packing. 2 weeks until I can rest on vacation too. So, packing sounds like a jolly good idea!

So, internship, well, it’s awesome. I love doing the Public Relations side of retail and marketing. Irene volunteered me for a few committees. One which I meet with them next week! Time to start networking and hunkering down, I can see real life on the horizon. 

Last week I met with a few people about Friends Helping Friends and got permission to use the Friends Helping Friends e-mail signature (really excited about this one :-)) We visited Pottsville and Liz/Sandy/Holly to help them make some phone calls for Friends Helping Friends. Their numbers are down for the year and since they have an extra body (your truly) to help pump numbers, we should start on the bottom, right?

Irene put me in charge of Girls Night Out ; it’s going to happen in October. I’m really excited to be put in contact with corporate graphic/public relations/print shop departments. Girls Night Out is going to be my baby, hopefully we can get enough people to come and see what it’s all about and make this a yearly thing. We’re looking at having interstore departments (jewelry, cosmetics, handbags, etc) come and look at the latest fall fashions in the 4th Floor Auditorium. We’d have makeovers, free goodie bags, food, music, etc. I’m excited just thinking about it! 


Well, back to thinking about how to make Girls Night Out the best it can be! Have a great week guys! Happy 4th of July, America!


Melanie xx

More busy!

Hi, everyone!

My gosh have I been busy! And this week is sure to be more of the same.

Not much happened out of the ordinary this past week. I’ve started on a set schedule though, meaning that I help certain teams on certain days. I’ve found that I work more efficiently this way. I was able to get everything done each day, which I was really happy about.

It’s also the count down for the trip. We’ve found out hat its going to be a conference where we will be able to attend sessions that target different topics. More on that as it comes.

Something really cool that I found out of Friday was that a PowerPoint that I put together for a woman I work with went REALLY high up the chain. I didn’t know when I was putting it together (she didn’t want me to get nervous), but I thought that was really cool. AND I didn’t make any mistakes on it! That’s something that would have been an accomplishment and a half for me, but lately I’ve been getting better at these things there. I still make mistakes, but I can see my work progressing. I love it!

That’s all I have for now. Have a great 4th of July!

‘Till next time,


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